- Apr 4, 2015
Co-branded sneaker lines, experiential pop-up shops and celeb-endorsed performance ads are just some of these April 2015 sports trends. In an effort to reach a younger demographic, sportswear brands and retailers are embracing the idea of convergence, a popular business pattern that is discussed in New York Times best seller 'Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas.'

The book is authored by keynote speaker and innovation expert Jeremy Gutsche and suggests that collaboration and adaptability are steps that lead to a brand's ultimate success. The pattern also blends traditional and forward-thinking ideas together and is the basis behind these April 2015 sports trends.

They include the Adidas Superstar Supercolor collection that features a 50-shade sneaker range, designed in collaboration with music and style icon Pharrell Williams. Another favorite from this list is the SNKRS pop-up shop by Nike. The experiential retail space was designed to promote the brand's latest mobile app and gave visitors an exclusive sneak-peak at the emerging platform.

From Technicolored Sneaker Lines to Experiential Pop-Up Shops: