The PaperFold Smartphone Has a Versatile Shape-Shifting Display

 - May 4, 2014
References: hml.queensu & gizmag
PaperFold is a multi-display shape-changing smartphone that is inspired by paper and paper's ability to be folded, detached or combined to view material in different ways. The PaperFold can have up to three separate E-Ink displays, which can be combined in different shapes to support different functions. It is being developed by the Human Media Lab at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada.

PaperFold has magnetic hinges that recognize when and where display elements have been added, removed or altered. For example, when a user is viewing image thumbnails on one display, the second display will show the image in full screen while the third display becomes an image toolbar. When two displays are configured in an ultra notebook configuration, the bottom display can be used as a keyboard.