Sainsbury's Uses Digital Displays to Automatically Update Prices

 - Mar 4, 2015
References: j-sainsbury & engadget
In order to cut down on paper use and the need to manually update retail tags, Sainsbury’s updated its shelves with e-ink technology. In place of paper tags, digital pricing displays are now used to show an item's description, cost, item number and barcode. A trial of the high-tech displays has been installed at Sainsbury’s Shoreditch Old Street Local location to determine if this technology will be rolled out on a larger scale.

These e-ink retail tags have the ability to be colored and updated automatically as needed from a secure central system. Another impressive feature of the tags is that they're resistant to the cold, so that the displays are still legible in the freezer section of the grocery store. Saving paper and time, this system could be a staple of retail stores in the future.