- Jul 30, 2015
These examples of gender-neutral tech range from gender-swapping virtual experiences to unisex dating apps that pair potential dates based on common interests and emotional connections. As genderless retail becomes more prevalent in fashion, food and beverage industries, it is also gaining momentum in the world of tech.

In addition to smartwatches and fitness monitors that are genderless in their design, the rise of mood-sensing clothing items and gadgets connects consumers emotionally rather than dividing them according to their gender.

While mood-sensing blankets and energy-boosting headbands will appeal to those with an interest in natural healing and fitness, products like smart wearables are designed to make the lives of senior consumers more convenient and enjoyable. In addition to gender-neutral tech products, this list also highlights gender-specific mobile platforms that reject stereotypical layouts.

From Gender-Swapping Virtual Experiences to Unisex Dating Apps: