This Menstrual-Tracking App Features a Layout Free of Gender Bias

 - Nov 27, 2014
References: helloclue & refinery29
Designer Mike Lavigne created 'Clue,' a menstrual-tracking app without a gender bias in its design layout.

Women are constantly inundated by overtly gendered products, services and advertising. It almost seems as though if a product is geared towards women, it needs to be pink and sparkly. Needless to say, this shameless, exaggerated and stereotypical portrayal of femininity is tiresome, not to mention alienating, for some women.

Clue doesn't subscribe to these gender ideals, featuring nary a rosy pixel in its layout. Lavigne explains, "If the goal is to quickly provide real, helpful information to our users in a positive way, we can't do that if we're hiding behind euphemisms or stereotypes about femininity and sex, in both content and design."