The Paperphone is Being Touted as the Phone of the Future

 - May 8, 2011
References: hml.queensu & gizmag
Researchers at Canada's Queen's University and Arizona State University have come together to create a flexible E-Ink smartphone/computer. The Paperphone is a flexible smartphone that has nearly all of the functionality of a regular smartphone.

The Paperphone can make calls, play music and is even app-enabled. The device is being highly touted by its creators, who are saying that the thinfilm technology it's built with could make current smartphones obsolete in five to 10 years.

I don't necessarily see myself using a Paperphone in five to 10 years, but I do see promise with this technology. The touch controls are responsive, and the device's flexibility means that you will never have to worry about accidentally crushing or snapping your smartphone in half again.