- Jun 25, 2013
While the hotter weather tends to bring around more sunshine, keep yourself prepared for rainy days with these charming summer umbrellas. Whether rain or shine, carry around one of these hip summer umbrellas and keep your hair frizz-free and your clothes dry.

Throughout the summer days, there always are several days of thunderstorms and rain throughout the sun-filled months. While the weather channel might call for a hot day filled with sunshine, the weather could easily take a turn for the worst leaving you left without any rain protection. That's why it's always a great idea to stash an umbrella in your bag so that you're always prepared, rain or shine. Today, umbrellas have received a serious designed and are able to do things like charge phones, look like animals or even comfortably shelter two people.

From Solar-Paneled Patio Umbrellas to Hurricane-Proof Umbrellas: