Luzinterruptus 'Implanted Nature' Nurtures the Environment

 - Jun 6, 2011
References: luzinterruptus & randommization
Even the tiniest plants have a purpose, and the Luzinterruptus 'Implanted Nature' installation proves this to the public. This installation was placed in the heart of Madrid, in a highly urban city area with little-to-no natural plant life. Luzinterruptus wanted to introduce natural growth into the infrastructure of the city -- and did so with this installation.

The team of artistic activists sought out to save and small shoots in the city. They found fifty tiny green growths struggling to survive in the pavement and gave them shelter. The plants were covered with small umbrella-like greenhouses, and were supplied with lights and plastic animals for support.

This Luzinterruptus 'Implanted Nature' installation aims to inspire citizens to live a greener and cleaner lifestyle.