From Illusionary Reflections to Neon Light Graffiti

 - Aug 4, 2012
These artful light installations are intricate in their illuminating facades.

The usage of light in art is particularly interesting when incorporated with innovations in technology. Various installations incorporate interactive features that are hypersensitive in order to enable manipulation of the illuminations. These groundbreaking designs are often used to create multi-sensory experiences for spectators, in that they also involve stimulating additional senses like sound, touch and smell.

The futuristic designs made by artists range in size, from as small as a touch pad to as large as the Taj Mahal. 'Spectacular Urban Light,' the Vivid Sydney light show, is depicted with the entire city made into an extravagant light installation.

The usage of light in art installations is becoming more and more popular as individuals continue to discover the technological possibilities of illumination.