The ROOF Top Lights Imitate Old World Frescos

 - Feb 18, 2012
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Visiting old European cathedrals and other equally stunning architectural structures often leave people feeling thwarted when it comes to their own homes; the ROOF Top Lights hope to remedy that disappointment. They imitate the intricately artistic details of these structures to bring a touch of old-world architecture into modern spaces.

Designed by Lightboys, the ROOF Top Lights concentrate on ceiling frescos. Since these large pendant lamps would be viewed from below, just like those masterpieces, it is only fitting that these structures mimic that design. The Swedish designers write, "In the almost forgotten tradition of the classical ceiling painters, we revive an area which is often neglected in modern interior design -- the ceiling. Our large-format illuminated photographs mounted on an ultra-light housing only 40 mm in thickness literally show rooms in a new light."