James Nizam Creates Art From Light

 - May 10, 2012
References: jamesnizam & booooooom
Canadian artist James Nizam recently completed a series of art installations that use a novel, yet ubiquitous medium: light. He calls his creations 'Trace Heavens,' which is a succinct and fitting description for the work.

Most of the installations are woven from bars of light that either run parallel to or intersect one another to create well-defined polygonal shapes. Still, this crisp definition is betrayed by the inherently ethereal nature of the medium. The forms and shapes Nizam creates are indeed real, but they are not truly tangible.

A flick of a switch and all of his creations, however intricately and concretely conceived, disappear into darkness. Yet, while the lights are on, the triangles, squares and rectangles of Trace Heavens seem almost eternal and platonic.