- Jan 20, 2013
The past year's personal customization trends involve everything from patriotic manicures to DIY tea bag artwork. With so many ways to put a creative spin on traditional products, it's no wonder consumers are searching for ideas to help customize an old look.

The company PillowMob capitalized on the need for personal customization by offering customers cushions adorned with the face of friends or family. In terms of tech, many companies offered customized phone covers to help buyers differentiate their smartphones from those of the masses. From sci-fi protectors to cat-like covers, there were plenty of options to keep consumers feeling unique and individualistic.

Offering customers personal customization for various products allows them to feel connected to a brand, while still maintaining their individual personality. Check out the Trend Hunter Customization Trend Report for a more in-depth analysis on this topic.

From Fish Roe Fingernails to Sleek Puppy Suits: