The R2D2 Beverage Dispenser Quenches Your Star Wars Thirst

 - Aug 29, 2012
References: instructables & incrediblethings
The R2D2 Beverage Dispenser is the perfect DIY novelty item for any Star Wars fanatic out there in need of a refreshing drink.

The project was put together by the members of SAD R2D2, who wanted to make a Star Wars-inspired project. The idea for the dispenser came from the use of an electronic water gun that was transformed into a modified drink dispenser. Using an empty protein powder container, some styrofoam, tape and a few other items, anyone can recreate this stellar novelty item.

The team made a video demonstration of the R2D2 Beverage Dispenser in action. You check out the teams blog for detailed DIY instructions on how to make your very own.