Peter Gentenaar's Delicate Creations Float Inside a Church

Peter Gentenaar is an artist who has a fond passion for working with paper. His current exhibition features over 100 of his majestic paper sculptures in the Abbey Church of Saint Riquie, Northern France. These colorful and airy paper sculptures float down from the ornate church ceilings, which give the illusion that angels are gracefully gliding through the skies.

His creation features rosy reds, mellow creams, piercing blues, rich golds and regal purples. The paper structures start out as two-dimensional colored sheets of pulp. They then go through a long pulping and drying process, which will cause the paper to undergo shrinking afterwards. The intricate curves and folds are reinforced by very thin ribs of bamboo to illuminate the overall exquisite structure.

These delicate paper structures are like mystical fairies dancing through the air. The church's grand halls perfectly complement Gentenaar's whimsical and heavenly invention.