The Sculptures by Adam Niklewicz Turn Mundanity into Surrealism

 - Apr 25, 2012
References: adamniklewicz & blog.gessato
The progression from ordinary to bizarre defines the process of interpreting and interacting with these sculptures by Adam Niklewicz. The Polish-born artist uses the overly familiar as inspiration for his surreal sculptures that challenge common associations between object and function.

Certain objects appear as if new structures are being erected out of basic, household items. One particularly dichotomous creation involves the contrast created as a shirt evolves into a light tower. The sculpture is recognizable on two fronts; which one the audience recognizes first is based on individual interpretation.

Other sculptures appear more animated as if caught in the middle of doing something. A fork standing on its prongs with spaghetti wrapped around it appears to be standing in front of a gale as the pasta flows behind in a wave-like motion.