- Mar 22, 2013
The look of taxidermy art has always been intriguing. The idea of viewing an animal as more of a trophy is a rush for some as it provides a feeling of control; for others, however, this idea is horrifying and cruel. Faux taxidermy is created with the latter thought in mind, allowing animal rights activists to enjoy the look without sacrificing morals.

Faux taxidermy can also allow for more creative freedom, as seen with knitted taxidermy, patterned paper taxidermy and the DIY cardboard taxidermy that allows for consumers to add their own creative twist to the piece. Some animal art can even be worn, allowing the style-conscious to incorporate the look into their wardrobe. Though taxidermy art in its original form is not for everyone, its more eco-friendly sister is.

Animal Rights Activists and Vegans Can Now Enjoy the Look: