Reverse Taxidermy Will Have You Pondering the Ethics of Tormenting Toys

Taxidermy's already a quirky activity as it is, but when you try to animate an inanimate object a la Frankenstein, you get strangeness like this reverse taxidermy stuffed lion toy.

Robert, a contributor to the Wordpress blog Reversetaxidermy, is responsible for the creation of this peculiar item. As you can see through the sequential images, Robert was able to fashion this living dead lion by cutting a slit in the lion's neck using a pair of scissors and then stuffing what appears to be ground meat into the new orifice. The juxtaposition of the lion's cutesy expression and the grotesqueness of the minced meat makes the final reverse taxidermy product quite macabre.

Though fascinating, I think I'm going to avoid seeing what other reverse taxidermy creations are out there. I don't think I have the stomach for it.