From Roadkill Sleeves to Taxidermy Furnishings

 - Jun 18, 2013
People will always be fascinated with death. It’s a facet of life that will forever be left unanswered. The concept of rebirth came from death, which was probably the inspiration behind the works of the world’s early taxidermists.

Through taxidermy, individuals are able to re-create life that was once lost. Throughout the years, taxidermy has acquired a negative connotation. The practice of taxidermy is even considered disrespectful in some social circles, but whatever the case the practice is still highly valued by some individuals. The beauty that comes from this practice will always fascinate people – it is death immortalized in a physical form. From beetle dioramas to two headed squirrels, the list is compromised of works that best encapsulate the works that can come about from the exploitation of death.