Kiyoshi Mino Combines Special Taxidermy and Eco-Friendly Art

In the age of the all-mighty Internet, activities like taxidermy have become nearly outdated, but now designer and burgeoning farmer Kiyoshi Mino's special taxidermy project is breathing some environmentally-friendly fresh air back into this outdated hobby.

By definition, taxidermy involves hunting, preparing, stuffing and then mounting the skin of a dead animal. Although well practiced for hundreds of years, inventions like movies, photos and even the Internet began to replace people's desires to have exotic or never-before-seen animals above their fireplaces.

The beauty of Kiyoshi's special taxidermy artwork is that his skillful needle-felting technique on this collection of faux animals looks quite realistic, sometimes scarily authentic, while causing no actual harm to the majestic creatures these figures are modeled after.