- Jul 12, 2014
These artisan Anthropologie finds celebrate the best from the popular retailer. Affiliated with Free People and Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie is a higher end solution for bohemian home accessories and feminine fashions.

The retailer is known for carrying artful and unique decor accents and clothing items. The pieces are often crafted in partnership with global charities and smaller artisan communities.

Whether collaborating with talented artists or foreign artisans, the retailer's striking pieces are always a favourite among design lovers with a unique eye.

Standouts from this list include Anthropologie's retro rave illuminators that transform one's home into a neon-lit haven that is reminiscent of a 90s nightclub. Other mentions from the list include the shop's hand-embroidered dining decor that is woven by artisans in Peru.

From Decorative Woodland Pottery to Couture-Inspired Cookwear: