Realistic Sculptures That Blend Mutation and Monstrosity

 - May 6, 2007   Updated: Apr 14 2011
References: fiendishcuriosities & neatorama
Alligator Boy, Sasquatch and the Dead Baby Show are just some of the atrocities recreated by the team of experts at Fiendish Curiosities. Using a variety of techniques including latex casting and molding, special effects and taxidermy, horrific collectors items are being created and sold, showcasing a world of mutation and monstrosities of nature.

Implications - As a way to combine sideshow, science and monsters, Prof. Burnaby Q. Orbax founded Fiendish Curiosities in 2003. Every creation is made to appear as if it's a real scientific find. Fiendish Curiosities incorporates zoology, anatomy and teratology to produce the most realistic and plausible mutated monsters. If they were trying to give off a mad scientist feel, they're on the right track.