From Mythical Creature Discoveries to Unicorn Riding Starlets

 - Apr 16, 2010   Updated: Jun 29 2011
What is it about mythical creatures that we find so fascinating? Is it our desire for the world to hold more magic and mystique that has us looking for inspiration from these fictional creatures?

The mythical creature finds that you'll see in this cluster may not answer those deep and burning questions but they may quell your search for their existence. Check out these magnificent mythical creature finds!

Implications - Many people enjoy mythical things because they are not part of the everyday world. Beings such as unicorns live in a realm of fantasy that many people like to escape to, even if that just means looking at mythical-themed images. Businesses that provide their consumers with mystical creations also provide them with a sense of enchantment that is often needed in such a busy world.