Stuffing and Mounting Undead Animals for Eco-Conscious Folks

 - Sep 4, 2009
References: girlsavage.wordpress & flickr
Taxidermy, the art of stuffing and mounting deceased animals, has long been in practice, festooning the hallowed halls of red-necks and the decoratively-challenged alike.

For the eco-conscious, animal rights activists who do not appreciate the true beauty and art that is half a gutted deer slapped onto their wall, one girl has come up with an alternative: feltidermy.

Feltidermy is exactly what it sounds like; the making and stuffing of felt animals. It would be impossible for one to have a unicorn (short of strapping a horn to a taxidermied horse's forehead) or Tyrannosaurus rex mounted on their wall. With feltidermy, you can be surrounded by all of the mythical creatures your heart desires, as well as the timeless classics that are deer, fish and moose.