From Creepy Cartoonish Taxidermy to Felt-Made Fauxidermy

 - Jun 3, 2013
These untraditional taxidermy creations are more than just hunting trophies. What was once a technique used to preserve deceased animals is now a lighthearted -- and often harmless -- home decor idea. These animal-inspired renditions are a great way to bring texture, style and edginess into your living space.

Hanging an unconventional taxidermy creation on your wall or placing a miniature animal replication on a shelf will definitely add something worth talking about to your home. From polar bear heads crafted from synthetic fibers to fanciful taxidermy unicorns, these taxidermy creations bring an unconventional element to any room. Whether you find the Frankenstein-inspired taxidermy creepy, or the precious puppy sculptures adorable is a decision you will have to make upon viewing these creations for yourself.

Several artists have mastered the skill of making unconventional taxidermy creations from felt which makes the creatures look even more adorable.