Artist Luciana Novo Sparks an Open Discussion Regarding Polar Bears

 - Feb 7, 2013
References: flickr & mymodernmet
Spanish-based artist Luciana Novo turns heads with his extremely intricate and colorful mounted polar bear head. The moment you gaze into the eyes of the bear, you are instantly captivated by the incredible layering of plastic, clay and paint, which together looks like a polar bear head.

As taxidermy was traditionally put on the walls for hunters to proudly display their game, it has now been re-visualized and turned into a work of art. This piece of work is not only intriguing for its aesthetic appeal, but it also sparks a much needed discussion about endangered species and society's disconnect with respecting and fostering its well being.

What is also really interesting about this piece by Luciana Novo is that she made a sculpture that looks extremely realistic from afar, but then looks like a 2D painting from up close. Playing with perspective and sparking an interesting debate makes this taxidermy a notable sculpture worth paying attention to.