Minami Kawasaki Crafts Lifelike Canines Using Felt Materials

 - Mar 5, 2012
References: tokyobling.wordpress & blog.thaeger
These images of puppies lounging on a comfy cushion will no doubt inspire a few viewers to want to get themselves canine companions, but what you’re looking at are actually sculptures by the talented Japanese artist Minami Kawasaki. Using felt as her media, Kawasaki has crafted lifelike representations of puppies. They’re so authentic visually that some people may even mistake these little dogs as taxidermy.

Minami Kawasaki titled this piece ‘Home Sweet Home,’ which is quite fitting as the little four-legged creatures look as though they’re frolicking about in a familiar habitat.

Upon closer examination, viewers will discover that the teeth and tongue of the one dog with its mouth exposed is actually also made from felt. Why buy actual puppies when you can have something so realistic?