- Jul 12, 2013
While ordinarily statues are built in order to pay tribute to a certain historical figure or celebrity icon, these strangely sculpted statues are showcasing how modern artists are creating these figurines with all sorts of weird and wacky references, turning an ordinary statue into a humorous and shocking display.

With the modern generation of youths being more concerned about technology and surfing the web, artists and architects have to find more creative ways to attract their attention. These strangely sculpted statues are some great examples of how designers are utilizing humorous aspects from pop culture as a way to connect with a much more youthful audience.

From living dead escapee statues to gigantic puppy statues that are seemingly peeing on a building, these creatively outside-the-box designs will surely make an impression with its original concepts.

From Gigantic Peeing Puppy Statues to Middle Finger Statues: