Alexey Morosov Crafts Statues of Women Using the Odd Personal Transport

 - Mar 8, 2012
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It’s easy to confuse these Alexey Morosov sculptures for works from the Renaissance. After all, Morosov puts so much care and attention into replicating human likeness that you’d think his work was produced by the great Michelangelo. But what sets this talented Russian sculptor’s pieces apart from the creations of the grand masters is his inclusion of modern day technology. Who could have guessed pairing angelic statues of women with the visual monstrosity that is the Segway PT could amount to such beautiful art?

For his sculpture Terra Megido, Alexey Morosov depicts two ladies each on their own personal transport vehicles as they examine the wreckage of an airplane. He does so again in his bronze statue series Currus, which also features two differently posed women on Segway PTs. These masterpieces will surely bewilder people centuries from now.