The Captivating Rosalie Flossis Designs are Shown Scaling Walls

 - Oct 1, 2012
References: actegratuit.tumblr & likecool
The human-like Rosalie Flossis sculptures in Dusseldorf, Germany, appear to be climbing up the sides of buildings in an effort to get to the top. The bright colors and featureless faces serve to emphasize the anonymity and impersonal side of the creatures who are all part of one giant mass without much individuality.

The statues on the rooftops appear to be cheering with raised hands, as though they have won some sort of race. However, there are other roofs nearby that are higher still, demonstrating that there is always room to climb up even more and achieve greater heights.

The colorful additions stuck onto the side of buildings in the Rosalie Flossis installation artwork are cheerfully determined to reach as high as they can go.