Bruno Walpoth Chisels Life-Like Statues Using Lime & Walnut Wood

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: walpoth & odditycentral
Not since the Renaissance has an artist produced stupendous hyperreal sculptures like these Bruno Walpoth pieces. Using huge lime and walnut wood blocks as his canvases, the Italian sculptor meticulously chisels out human forms so life-like that viewers will initially think they’re staring at models covered in white powder. For a talent to create such works in the 21st century is truly a delight for contemporary art lovers looking for new Michelangelo-esque content.

Adding to the difficulty of these Bruno Walpoth sculptures is his inclusion of modern-day fashion apparel. Rather than depicting his subjects completely in the nude, Walpoth often gives these statues pants. Trying to emulate fabric out of a solid medium no doubt presents new challenges, but Walpoth still manages to excel in realistically conveying all parts of his creations.