- Jun 23, 2013
Funny celebrity photos come in every shape and variety, from digitally manipulated Photoshop mashups to humorous hand drawings and even outrageous odes to famous people made from food.

Celebrities are used to being in the public eye and having images of themselves retouched, but hardly like this. Pop stars have images that can be boiled down to a few simple elements, which makes them the perfect subjects for caricatures because these features are so easily exaggerated.

Because actors, singers and other public figures are so idolized, some of these funny portraits even show compare their likenesses to iconic leaders throughout history. Although, if you find this level of celebrity worship is too much for you, you might enjoy looking at creations like side-by-side comparisons of celebrities and their muppet counterparts instead.

From Zombified Celebrity Mugshots to Celebrity Muppet Pairings: