Benjamin Grossblatt Depicts Caricatures of Famous People

Illustrator Benjamin Grossblatt has accumulated an impressive portfolio of celebrity portraits. The caricatures not only capture and accentuate the personalities of everyone he has decided to depict, they provide a different perspective that will amuse many people, especially those into pop culture.

From Morgan Freeman and Michelle Obama to Drizzy Drake and Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), Benjamin Grossblatt leaves no star stone unturned. In fact, he even delves into the past to draw Mexican painter Friday and President John F. Kennedy. Constantly updating his website, Ben Likes To Draw, with new illustrations, Benjamin Grossblatt will soon be launching an online shop to sell his prints.

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Benjamin Grossblatt graduated from the Art Institute of Los Angeles with a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design back in 2010.