From Cross-Dressing SNL Skits to Celeb Denim Couture

 - May 15, 2014
These Justin Timberlake innovations show how pervasive the A-list actor and singer has become in pop culture. From media mogul infographics to star-studded video gags and year-end megamixes, he is just about everywhere. The latter is sure to be tested thanks to his latest song, 'Love Never Felt So Good,' an instant classic for summer. With the release of its highly anticipated video, it is hard not to appreciate these Justin Timberlake innovations.

Although it is just as much Michael Jackson's time as it is JT's, since it is a duet with the late King of Pop, in a way it appropriately transfers the crown. People have considered the well-rounded celebrity as a worthy successor and the Justin Timberlake innovations prove why.