Collective Cadenza Performs Justin Timberlake's 'My Love' in 13 Genres

 - Aug 1, 2013
References: cdzamusic & youtube
Performance group Collective Cadenza has created a truly fantastic genre mashup cover of Justin Timberlake's hit, 'My Love.'

The ensemble group performs this classic tune in 13 different genres, spanning everything from heavy metal to dubstep to polka. Each genre features completely different rhythmical patterns, while maintaining the same chord progressions, showing how genres are linked, while holding onto their own specific identities. This is especially illustrated in the transition from Baroque to Jazz. The Baroque genre calls for strings in very even rhythms. To transition to jazz, all the group needed to do was switch the rhythm to a swing pattern, while using blues chords instead of typical major cadences.

This performance video, titled 'Justin Genrelake,' gets more exciting with each view. It's incredible how quickly this group can transition between genres, without stumbling or pausing. Through this video, Collective Cadenza has proven that they're a group to keep your eyes on for the next couple of years.