- Oct 28, 2014
Song covers and mash-ups are an exciting and fun way to use the universal language of music to either reinterpret a song in your own artistic vision, or apply a song to a video or other visual element to provoke laughter or even introspection.

Many musicians are weary of song covers and mash-ups because they argue that these destroy the integrity of the original song and distort the artistic message of the original composer or singer. However when you think about it, it takes a great deal of creativity and skill to put together a good cover or mash-up, regardless of whether you're doing it to reinterpret a song in a serious or comedic fashion.

If song covers weren't cool, we wouldn't have had Jimi Hendrix's 'All Along The Watchtower' for example, which original composer Bob Dylan admitted was better than his original song. A lot of great hip-hop beats are also essentially reinterpreted versions and mash-ups of old funk and soul records.

From Musical Obama Speech Mash-Ups to Anime Slow Jam Covers: