The Pogo Artificial Intelligence Video is Created with Film Clips

 - Nov 23, 2011
References: thecreatorsproject
Enter the mystical world of the Kubrick/Spielberg film through your ears with the Pogo Artficial Intelligence audio/visual creation.

Pogo, also known as Nick Bertke, famously produced the danceable and catchy electronic mixes from the movie Up, titled Upular and the electro Walt Disney mix, Wishery. This time, the late heart-wrenching film of Kubrick and later finished by Spielberg has become his medium of choice. 

What make’s Pogo’s mashups distinct is how he narrows "a film down to a series of sounds, trying to capture its element in the form of music," according to Pogo. The result is "intricate audiovisual choral harmonies, giving them a fairy tale, dreamy quality." The Pogo Artificial Intelligence mashup brings beauty and gives the listener an aural glimpse of the innocence portrayed often by the main characters. Also, it gives fans a chance to interact with movies passed in a new and fun way.