Salute the BlackBerry 10 with Everything From Lenses to Knives

 - Jan 30, 2013
The new BlackBerry 10 is officially here, so what better time is there to celebrate by taking a look at some of the most creative Smartphone accessories out there?

These days, it feels like most smartphones can do anything and everything. These smartphone accessories show that there’s plenty your smartphone can’t do on its own, at least not yet. Whether you’re using a BlackBerry, Android or iPhone, there’s bound to be an accessory that will complete your smartphone experience.

From Swiss Army Knife cases, to exercise-assisted chargers, to LED projectors, to extravagant cases, to attachable SLR-quality camera lenses, to attachable game controllers, to head-mounted personal 3D theaters, these cool smartphone accessories show that there’s always a way to improve an already awesome smartphone experience.

Now we just need someone to adapt some of these accessories to be compatible with the new BlackBerry 10.