The iBreathAnalyzer Reveals Intoxication Levels to Apple Users

 - Apr 30, 2012
References: allputer
The iBreathAnalyzer is a digital alcohol monitor that attaches to iPads, iPhones and iPods. Now available by way of Allputer, the product plugs in to the Apple products without an installment procedure. Users simply have to blow into the device, prompting an assessment of intoxication levels.

Excessive intakes of alcohol will set off the iBreathAnalyzer, causing it to buzz automatically. The high-tech piece can also decipher between the scent of alcohol and that of other pungent odors, such as those tied to coffee, cigarettes and soda. The LCD screen further ensures precision, as well as a sleek display.

The iBreathAnalyzer’s self-evaluation feature is novel. Those who sense that they may have had too much to drink can benefit immensely from the easy-to-use assessment, inhibiting the occurrence of alcohol-induced accidents.