- Jun 12, 2013
If you drive everywhere, you might want to invest in one of these tiny breathalyzing gadgets for the next time you decide to go for a few drinks. Technology has enabled even wrist watches to give us feedback on our alcohol level based on our breath. With these gadgets, you can be sure you're okay to drive before getting in the car.

The Breathalyzer Watch by Tokyoflash Design Studio is a very interesting incorporation of two concepts. You can push a button on your timepiece to activate an alcohol testing function. The watch is equipped with a breath detector and will indicate your level of intoxication using one of three colors on its display screen.

Other compact alcohol monitors like the iBreathAnalyzer attach to technological devices, using the phone's sensors to assess the level of alcohol intake. With tools like these on the market, there should be no excuse to drive under the influence.

From Sobriety-Measuring Watches to Coin-Sized Breathalyzers: