The Floome is a Breathalyzer Attachment That Calls a Cab

 - May 31, 2013
References: 2045tech & gizmag
This awesome breathalyzer is a smartphone attachment that aids responsible drinkers in getting home.

The Floome breathalyzer works with a smartphone app that can tell if you've had too much to drink, and will automatically call you a cab. This clever creation will no doubt have the support of MADD.

After having a few cocktails, one would simply hook up the Floome breathalyzer to their smartphone, go to the app and enter in some information. The app asks the user for their weight and height among other things and that info combined with the breathalyzer test will determine whether or not it's safe to drive home. If not, this excellent tool will call you a cab to avoid any risky business on the road.

This clever contraption could save lives and prevent car accidents while assisting drinkers in finding a safe ride home.