- Apr 2, 2015
The classic hip flask is a tried and true item, yet these examples of fashionable flasks demonstrate a demand to appeal to broader tastes and increased convenience. The conventional metal canteen is great when you've got big pockets, but consumers and designers are collectively getting more creative when it comes to dreaming up more versatile wearable flasks.

Some people go to great lengths to keep alcohol on them at all times, and to conceal the actual consumption of it to the best of their abilities. Products that effectively support these considerations are fabricated like everyday accessories: sandals, neckties, bras, scarves, belt buckles and hats can be stitched up to hide sealed pouches. One of these unsuspecting fashionable flasks has even taken the outlandish form of a fake newborn baby doll that can be strapped the drinker's chest.

From Sneaky Booze-Smuggling Ties to Fabulous Flask Bracelets: