The Flip Flask for Those Who Like to Sneak in a Drink Slyly

 - Jun 24, 2011
References: flipflask & thelifefiles
For the raging booze hound who must carry alcohol with them wherever they go, recommend the Flip Flask so that no one suspects their heavy drinking capabilities -- or problems.

If the name Flip Flask has you thinking and pondering, it's very real and it's exactly what it sounds. These slip-ons are made to carry the drink of your choice without anyone ever suspecting you. So if you've ever wanted to ninja your way into a bar with some tequila, rum or gin on-hand, these bad boys will assist you for a pre-drink in the bathroom before you place an order. To fill the alcohol, there's a little cap that you can unscrew from the back heel of the slippers. This is probably the best way to conceal drinks in the public; I mean, who'd ever suspect flip flops?