- May 4, 2015
Sometimes it just feels necessary to sneak alcohol into an event, whether it's due to high drink prices inside or general no-booze rules. Given that millennials are likely to be the most affected by dry guidelines, they're necessarily the group that's most creative about getting around them.

Whether they're partying at an outdoor music festival or watching horse races on the lawns, young adults are typically subjected to strict admission procedures that involve security guards searching high and low for signs of spirits, beer and wine. Since retail bottles and even flasks are dead giveaways of alcohol possession, many 20-somethings look for more subtle solutions that blend in with their clothing or snacks.

Special flip-flops, sports bras, scarves and underwear have been made with beverage bladders inside. Meanwhile, disguised flasks in the forms of sunscreen bottles and binoculars provide additional options. For DIY alternatives, festival goers can sneak alcohol into events with loaves of bread and faux labels taken from soft drinks.

From Beer-Filled Bras to Booze-Concealing Sandals: