These Hide-a-Beer Sleeves Keep Your Outdoor Booze a Secret

 - May 4, 2015
References: ebay & buzzfeed
Tolerance for open alcohol in public differs from place to place, so to be safe, these Hide-a-Beer covers let you sip you booze in secret. Available for purchase on Amazon, this quirky ale-concealing item is actually possible to craft on your own.

The concept of this product is a convincing sleeve that looks exactly like a can of soft drink, be it Coca-Cola, Sprite or Nestea. If you've got empty pop cans lying around, just carefully cut the tops and bottoms off and slide them down over your beer cans. Since aluminum cans tend to me made to standard sizes, you may need to cut a slit down the side of each one to enable the DIY Hide-a-Beer to fit. The result is a seemingly innocent single-serving drink that enables you to stealthily sip your preferred poison, without it looking inappropriate or illegal.

Photo Credit: Pinterest