Pocket Breathalyzer

 - Nov 7, 2007
References: drinkstuff
New fun party game: see who can blow .10 the quickest with your pocket-sized Breathalyser. Aside from that, this gadget could protect you from liability or convince your friends to let you call a cab or have someone drive them home. Drunk driving kills a lot of people. Every party should have one of these.

"It is a common worry that after a night on the tiles, having it large, you are still over the limit come the morning. Rather than taking the risk and driving when you could still be illegal and unsafe, you can now test yourself before getting behind the wheel," DrinkStuff said.

If the user blows in at 0.80%, an alert i set off, warning the user that driving probably isn't the greatest idea. The measurements are accurate to +/- 0.02% BAC.