From Biker Booze to Intergalactic Booze Chillers

 - Jan 8, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
It’s Friday which means you need a bottle, or two, or 13 of these 42 Boozetastic Finds. I can’t think of a better way to break the law then with my favorite booze and my favorite Trend Hunter booze finds.

Timeless booze favorites and new classics are all gathered in one place for your pleasure. Let's all raise our glasses and celebrate the weekend with 42 Boozetastic Finds.

Implications - This includes everything from booze-detecting flashlights to vintage boozey art -- even stiletto and booze kits from the alcohol-loving ladies! Though the person who brings the booze is guaranteed to be the coolest at the party, you can take it a step further by bringing booze innovations that will blow your friends' minds -- and get 'em nice and drunk.