La Cave des Fondus Restaurant Serves Wine in Baby Bottles

If you thought you’d stop drinking out of a baby bottle after your toddler years, think again. La Cave des Fondus, which opened on December 10 in an underground location in NYC, serves wine and beer in baby bottles.

Owner Jacques Ouari modeled La Cave des Fondus after a fondue restaurant in Paris, Le Refuge des Fondus.

New York is known for offering unique culinary experiences. At Peanut Butter & Co., diners can choose from a variety of unique peanut butter sandwiches such as Cherry Cheesecake, and at Duvet patrons eat on beds instead of at a table. But La Cave des Fondus certainly challenges peoples’ perceptions of behavior that is acceptable in public settings.

This is probably not the best spot for, say, a first date (hello awkward!), but for those looking for a unique dining experience, La Cave des Fondues will deliver. And you don’t even have to cry to get a bottle.