Copper Stills for DIY Distilling

In a personal budget crisis, one of the first luxuries to go out the window is alcohol--a curious phenomenon that only compounds the stress of someone accustomed to drinking stress away. Moonshiners in the Southern United States have fine-tuned their budget-friendly booze solutions since well before Prohibition, and these copper stills will help you do the same.

You don't have to distill whiskey. You could distill vodka, gin, grappa, or flavored liqueurs. You could also distill your own essential oils, or eco-friendly biofuel. It's all up to you. I know what I'd distill.

Consider, however, that the Revenoor 1.5 gallon copper still that leads off the gallery produces one quart of alcohol in a half-hour. Alcohol fuel, that is, according to the official Revenoor verbiage. Incidentally, to brew alcohol fuel, you'll need a permit from the government; Revenoor includes this form with all of their stills.

For personalized and custom-made copper stills, check out Copper Moonshine Stills, which are made from 99.99%+ pure copper in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Three of their stills are featured as the last three images in the gallery.