From Mason Jar Merchandise to Ankle Flasks

 - Apr 30, 2012
There is still a strong sense of prohibition nostalgia among those who weren't old enough to see the early twentieth century. Religious groups during the prohibition era were sternly against the consumption of alcohol, but evidently, the history books indicate that America was not.

Underground crime and the selling of illegal liquor ran rampant. Moonshine was brewed in sheds and distilleries in Mexico and Canada were clever at sneaking spirits in without detection. Years of the roaring twenties time period past with a ban on alcohol, but eventually, it was abolished in the early 1930s.

Now more alcoholic products and branding methods are attempting to appeal to the rebellious younger crowd who has grown up with tales of the prohibition era. While alcohol is legal in most parts of the world now, it still doesn't hurt to shroud alcoholic products with secrecy in modern times.