- Jan 23, 2013
Identifying when you've had too much to drink is a little bit easier with some of the mobile breathalyzers now on the market. The Sensodrome for instance, is a device that fits on your keychain and syncs to a sister app on your smartphone to let you know when you’re over the legal blood alcohol level for driving.

Drinking and driving is a dangerous practice and kills people every year, which is why there are so many new drunk driving deterrents out there now. It’s also why so much energy is put towards impaired driving awareness campaigns. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) is a major advocate for safe driving practices and often produce some of the most talked about advertisements on the subject. One such ad features a man with a prosthetic arm and the caption "My last party cost me an arm…"

From Smartphone Breathalyzers To Anti-Drinking Advertising: